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Our goal is to provide simple, beautiful, and effective software solutions your team will enjoy using. From performance and uptime monitoring to large scale log management, we have a variety of solutions to help make your products the best they can be.

Uptime monitoring dashboard

Powerful uptime monitoring for websites, applications and APIs.

Uptime and performance monitoring with detailed reporting, flexible alerting, public status pages, and more. Help keep your customers happy, reduce support, and improve SEO with a performant and highly available website, application, or API.

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Uptime monitoring dashboard

Structured logging at any scale.

Apex Logs provides powerful structured logging with the security and isolation of your own Google Cloud account. Featuring a rich query language, powerful alerting integrations, an intuitive user interface, near-infinite log retention, and up to 5 times more cost effective than existing logging providers.

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Structured log management dashboard

Serverless applications in seconds, in your own AWS account.

Deploy infinitely scalable serverless applications, APIs, and sites in seconds with a single command. Bring a Heroku-style user experience to your own AWS account, save time, money, and get back to work on what makes your product unique.

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Serverless application upload to AWS

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We help thousands of companies from all over the globe create the best products they can — from enterprise corporations, venture-backed startups, to bootstrapped companies, we love creating products you'll enjoy.

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