Apex Logs use projects to group resources such as the alerts, notifications, and the log events themselves. Projects can be created for each of your products, environments, or you can use a single project for the entire organization — it’s up to you!

No logging projects

Creating projects

Typically a project is created for each product and environment, for example “Netflix Production” or “Netflix Staging”, however, you can choose what works best for your company.

Configuring a log project

If you choose less granular projects, custom event fields may be helpful filter during searches, for example product = "netflix", env = "production" or program = "api", just as you would search for a particular host with host = "api-01".

Editing projects

Clicking the edit icon () will let you change the name, description, retention period and view the id generated which is used in API calls. The location and id cannot be changed after creation.

Editing a log project

Next up you’ll need to create an API token to start ingesting events.