Teams are used to isolate billing, subscriptions, and team member access to the Apex Software products you have subscribed to.

Creating teams

Clicking the “Teams” menu item will bring you to the team management section. Enter the name of the team you’d like to create, typically one team per organization is sufficient.

Team management

Editing projects

Clicking the “Settings” menu item will give you the option to change your billing details, and rename your team.

Team billing details

If you accidentally add a subscription or credit card to your default “Personal” team, you can rename it in the team settings.

Team members

Click the “Members” menu item to bring up the team member management page. By default only the team owner will have access to the team’s product subscriptions, you must invite additional members by email to permit access.

Team members

Invites are displayed as pending if the user has not yet signed in to the application.

Team invite

Team members are not required to install the logs CLI, only to sign-in to the user interface.


Clicking the “Subscriptions” menu item brings you to the subscriptions page, where you can manage the Apex Software products your team has subscriptions to.

Manage subscriptions