This guide walks through upgrading and downgrading your account, changing cards, and applying discount coupons.

Upgrading your account

To upgrade your plan click the “Settings” menu item, then proceed by clicking the plan you’d like to go with. You will be presented with the Stripe dialog for secure credit card processing, Apex Ping does not receive your credit card directly. Once you’ve entered your details the account will be upgraded!

Billing and subscription management

Downgrading your account

You may downgrade your plan at any time, simply click “Select Plan” to downgrade. If your downgraded plan provides fewer checks, alerts, or regions than you currently have they will be disabled.

Changing credit cards

You can change your credit card by clicking the “Change Card” button, you will be presented with the Stripe prompt to update your information.

Redeeming discount coupons

If you have a coupon you may click “Redeem Coupon”, enter the coupon name, and then click “Redeem” to apply the coupon. Only a single coupon can be redeemed.

Prorated billing

The monthly billing period starts when you first upgrade your plan. Upgrading or downgrading your plan will be adjusted accordingly with the subsequent bill, you will be credited when downgrading, or charged for the remainder when upgrading.

Canceling your subscription

You may cancel your plan at any time, simply click the “Cancel Plan” button next to the current plan in the list. Your subscription will remain active until the billing period is up, after which your checks and alerts will be disabled.

If you change your mind you can select a plan to re-enable the checks.

Card failures

If a Stripe charge fails you’ll receive a notification email. The charge will be attempted automatically one day later, then three days later, after which your account’s checks will be disabled. If you’re a bit later, no big deal! Just add a new card to re-enable checks and alerting.