This section contains self-help troubleshooting information. If you’re running into an issue you can’t resolve, try the Slack chat, or submit an issue.

I didn’t receive a sign-in or certificate confirmation email

AWS email delivery can be slow sometimes. Please give it 30-60s. Otherwise, be sure to check your spam folder.

My application times out or seems slow

Lambda memory scales CPU alongside RAM, so if your application is slow to initialize or serve responses, you may want to try 1024 or above. See Lambda Pricing for options.

Ensure that all of your dependencies are deployed. You may use up -v to view what is added or filtered from the deployment or up build --size to output the contents of the zip.

I’m seeing 404 Not Found responses

By default, Up ignores files which are found in .upignore. Use the verbose flag such as up -v to see if files have been filtered or up build --size to see a list of files within the zip sorted by size. See Ignoring Files for more information.

My deployment seems stuck

The first deploy also creates resources associated with your project and can take roughly 1-2 minutes. AWS provides limited granularity into the creation progress of these resources, so the progress bar may appear “stuck”.

How do I sign into my team?

Run up team login if you aren’t signed in, then run up team login --team my-team-id to sign into any teams you’re an owner or member of.

Unable to associate certificate error

If you receive a Unable to associate certificate error it is because you have not verified the SSL certificate. Certs for CloudFront when creating a custom domain MUST be in us-east-1, so if you need to manually resend verification emails visit ACM in US East 1.

I’m seeing 403 Forbidden errors in CI

If you run into “403 Forbidden” errors this is due to GitHub’s low rate limit for unauthenticated users, consider creating a Personal Access Token and adding GITHUB_TOKEN to your CI.