Structured logging at any scale.

Apex Logs gives your team a powerful structured and plain-text log management solution, featuring a rich query language, flexible alerting integrations, unlimited log retention, and disruptive pricing unmatched in the industry.

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Structured log management dashboard

Index and schema-free design.

The intuitive user-interface design is mirrored by a simple JSON RPC style API. Apex Logs supports structured log events without a strict schema and discovers fields relevant to your search query and time range, displayed on the right-hand side for quick access to distribution and values.

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Light and dark log themes

Powerful log management features.

Apex Logs was designed from the ground up to provide a maintenance-free, highly scalable, and cost-effective log management solution for teams of any size.


Apex Logs is installed into your Google Cloud Platform account for improved security, stability, and performance over multi-tenancy logging solutions.


Apex Logs is serverless and fully managed, it's easy to install and doesn't require any maintenance or manual scaling.


Ship your logs from applications deployed to Google, AWS, Heroku, or any other hosting provider with our simple API or supported integrations.

Structured or plain-text

Send plain-text or structured JSON log events, the query language works great with both styles of logging.

Flexible search

An intuitive custom query language makes it easy to search, analyze, and alert against your application logs.

Simple API

A simple RPC-style API makes it easy to integrate with your existing applications, perform queries, import bulk log events, and more.

Flexible alerting

Alerting policies let you notify your team of any potential problems, with built-in support for email, SMS, Slack, PagerDuty, and webhook reporting.

Unlimited retention

Rentention periods are your choice, store your logs for a month, a quarter, or a year, choose what works best for your projects.

Cost effective

Apex Logs was designed from the beginning to disrupt the industry with the most cost-effective solution available.


Keep your team informed.

A flexible alerting system can be tailored to your needs, for example informing the backend team of infrastructural issues through PagerDuty, the frontend team of web application bugs in Slack, or one through one of the other integrations such as email, webhooks, or SMS.


Slack alerts are a great way to keep your team informed of less critical, or even information events such as user registration.

Slack alerting

Get your attention quick with an email alerts, or generate daily digests for specific events of interest.

Email alerting

PagerDuty is a great option for informing on-call team members of critical system errors quickly.

PagerDuty alerting

Need to integrate with a product we don't support out of the box? No problem, check out our Webhook support for custom integrations.

Webhook custom alerting

Industry-leading pricing for structured and plain-text log management.

Pricing shouldn't hinder your team's ability to collect invaluable information, we offer the most cost-effective logging solution in the industry. All plans are a billed monthly in USD per-GB ingested, and offer unlimited log volume, retention, alert rules, and team members.

Basic Pro
The volume of logs ingested.
The log retention period.
The total number of projects.
The total number of alert rules.
Team members
The number of team members.
Priority support
Priority email support.
0.35/gb 0.40/gb

Apex Logs pricing does not include the Google Cloud Platform bill. Apex Logs utilizes Cloud Run and BigQuery, which is billed at $0.020/GB for storage and $5.00/TB for queries. See BigQuery and Cloud Run pricing for more information.


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