Structured logging at any scale.

Apex Logs provides powerful structured logging with the security and isolation of your own Google Cloud account. Featuring a rich query language, powerful alerting integrations, an intuitive user interface, near-infinite log retention, and up to 5 times more cost effective than existing logging providers.

Structured log management dashboard

Powerful log management features.

Apex Logs was designed from the ground up to provide one of the most cost effective, powerful and future-proof logging solution available.


Apex Logs is installed into your Google Cloud Platform account for improved security, stability, and performance over multi-tenancy logging solutions.


Apex Logs is serverless and fully managed, it's easy to install and doesn't require any maintenance or manual scaling.


Ship your logs from applications deployed to Google, AWS, Heroku, or any other hosting provider with our simple API or supported integrations.

Structured Logs

Store logs as plain-text or structured as JSON events for improved query and analytical capabilities.

Flexible Search

A powerful custom query language makes it easy to search, analyze, and alert against your application logs.

Simple API

A simple RPC-style API makes it easy to integrate with your existing applications, perform queries, import bulk log events, and more.

Powerful Alerting

Alerting policies let you notify your team of any potential problems, with built-in support for email, SMS, Slack, PagerDuty, and webhook reporting.

Unlimited Retention

Rentention periods are your choice, store your logs for a month, a quarter, or a year, choose what works best.

Cost Effective

Apex Logs was designed from scratch to provide a very cost effective log management solution.

Early Access


Apex Logs is still in development, however, we'll soon be looking for product feedback and beta testing. If large-scale structured logging with massive cost savings sounds appealing to you, join the news-letter for updates and early access!