Uptime monitoringNever let your customers down
FeaturesTake a look at our features at a glance
Beautiful reporting
Detailed check reporting highlights timing distribution, errors, geographical latency and more.
Flexible alerting
Apex Ping's alerting lets you choose from over 10 metrics to notify you when an end-point has failed or regressed.
Status pages
Create as many public status pages as you need, keep your customers informed of current and recent outages.
Minute resolution
Every plan receives high resolution checks ensure that reporting is accurate, and alerts are responsive.
Slack integration
Receive notifications when an end-point is down or performing poorly. Report to one or more Slack teams and channels.
PagerDuty integration
Notify your front-end when your app is unresponsive, and the back-end team when your API down with PagerDuty's on-call scheduling.
Request body & header
Providing more than simple HEAD requests, checks may include a request body and header fields to test APIs, cache behaviour, and so on.
Weekly reports
Receive weekly performance reports in your inbox to stay informed, and highlight performance trends.
One click sign-on
No one wants more accounts, sign in using your favorite oauth provider such as GitHub or Twitter.
Distributed checks
Choose from 10 regions across the globe to ensure all of your customers are happy.
Paste cURL
Paste a curl command to quickly create a check, works great with Chrome's 'Copy as curl' feature.
Receive webhook requests when a check is down or performing poorly, and when it has recovered.
Global MonitoringWe monitor your services from all over the globe to help ensure that all of your customers are enjoying a highly available, performant website, application, or API.
Status PagesPublic status pages display current and historical state of your website, application, or API to your customers using a custom domain name.
Flexible RequestsUnlike most monitoring systems, we support any HTTP request, body, and header configuration, providing you with useful performance insight beyond typical HEAD requests.
Apdex ScoreThe Apdex score reports overall uptime and performance over time, relative to your selected target threshold such as 500ms.
Error DetailsWe don't hide intermittent issues from you, see exactly what happened and when to help diagnose potential network and server problems.
Latency DistributionView the latency distribution of requests responses to see how your app or API really performs in production throughout the day, week, or month.
Powerful AlertingFlexible alerting keeps your team informed when checks are down or unresponsive. Get notified via Slack, PagerDuty, email, or webhook, and alert on over a dozen metrics.
Email NotificationsReceive email alerts when an alert is triggered or resolved, you're only one click away from the details.
Slack NotificationsKeep the correct team informed with Slack alerts to one or more channels. Let the front-end team know when the UI is down, and the back-end team when the API is unresponsive.
Weekly ReportsEmail summaries sent out weekly give you a quick glance at how your checks performed throughout the week.
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Trial$0 USD/m3 Checks1 Alert Rule1 User4 Regions
Micro$5 USD/m5 Checks1 Alert Rule0 Users4 Regions
Basic$12 USD/m15 Checks5 Alert Rules5 Users6 Regions
Plus$22 USD/m30 Checks10 Alert Rules10 Users8 Regions
Pro$36 USD/m60 Checks20 Alert Rules20 Users10 Regions
StatisticsPublic platform metrics
ChecksCheck requests performed.
ErrorsNetwork and HTTP errors detected.
AlertsAlert notifications triggered.