Powerful uptime monitoring for websites, applications and APIs.

Ping provides uptime and performance monitoring with detailed reporting to help diagnose problems, flexible alerting to notify your team of any issues, public status pages to keep your customers informed and more. Website speed and uptime are crucial for search engine ranking, reducing customer support, and improving the customer experience.

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Uptime monitoring dashboard

All of your monitors in one spot.

Get a clear overview of all websites and APIs you're monitoring in one simple view. See the uptime, mean response time, and Apdex value over the past day, week, or month to get an idea of their health.

Website monitor listing

Diagnose issues with monitor reports.

Each website, application, or API you monitor has its own detailed reporting overview to help you dive deep and diagnose performance and availability problems. The first feature of the monitor's overview is the latency histogram, showing the distribution of uptime request speeds — don't settle for averages.

Monitor overview

Monitoring from all over the globe.

Ping monitors your services from all over the globe, helping to ensure that all of your customers are enjoying the experience. Regions are colored according to their overall latency and error rate, choose which regions apply to your products and aim for green!

Global regional overview

Don't miss any downtime.

Find problems before your customers do, and customize alerts to be as sensitive as your product requires. Have a mission-critical API? Make sure your backend team knows immediately, or maybe a less critical documentation website? Notify your frontend team after a few minutes of downtime.


Slack messages are a great way to inform the entire team of downtime and performance degradation.

Slack alerting

Get your attention quick with an email alerts, and receive an email when the problem is resolved.

Email alerting

Need an on-call schedule for your team? Check out our PagerDuty integration to phone or send an SMS to the on-call team members.

PagerDuty alerting

Need to integrate with a product we don't support out of the box? No problem, check out our Webhook support for custom integrations.

Webhook custom alerting

Connection timing information.

DNS provider having a bad day? You'll be able to see it here with the timing histograms — displaying the distribution of where time is spent for the request, from the hostname lookup, SSL handshake, to the time required to generate and serve the response.

Detailed request timing information

Latency heatmap.

Don't let bad deploys go unnoticed, the heatmap gives you a great view of response speed over time, displaying each individual request made by Ping. This chart provides great insight into how varied your performance really is.

Latency heatmap chart

Diagnose the cause of downtime with detailed error reporting.

The monitor error timeline gives you insight into the type of error which occurred, and when — helping to track down DNS, network, and server related errors.

Request error timeseries
Email Reports

Get weekly reports directly to your email.

Weekly reporting emails provide your team a brief look at overall performance and uptime throughout the week, without leaving the inbox.

Weekly report email
Status Pages

Public status pages.

Every plan comes with an unlimited number of status pages, which can be mapped to custom domains to inform your customers of the uptime in the past 90 days.

Public status page

Powerful monitoring features.

Ping's user-friendly dashboard makes monitoring websites and applications approachable, while still providing a rich set of functionality, take a look at some of them below.

Beautiful reporting

Detailed monitor reporting highlights timing distribution, errors, geographical latency and more.

Flexible alerting

Alerts notify your team when a monitor is down or performing slowly, receiving notifications for both the triggered and resolve state.

Status pages

Create as many public status pages as you need, keep your customers informed of current and recent outages.

Minute resolution

Every plan receives high-resolution monitors, ensuring that reporting is accurate, and alerts are responsive.

Slack integration

Receive notifications when an end-point is down or performing poorly. Report to one or more Slack teams and channels.

PagerDuty integration

Notify your front-end team when your app is unresponsive, or the back-end team when your API is down with PagerDuty's on-call scheduling.

Request body & header

More than simple HEAD requests, monitors may include a request body and header fields to test APIs, cache behavior, and so on.

Weekly reports

Receive weekly performance reports in your inbox to stay informed, and highlight performance trends.

One-click login

No one wants more accounts, sign in using your favorite oauth provider such as GitHub or Twitter.

Distributed monitors

Choose from 15 regions across the globe to ensure all of your customers are happy.

SSL expiration checks

Stay one step ahead of SSL certificate renewal issues with automatic expiration notifications.


Receive webhook requests when a monitor is down or performing poorly, and when it has recovered.


Pricing that won't break the bank.

Every plan comes with public status pages and full access to the global monitoring system, allowing you to monitor from any regions relevant to your product. Sign in for a free trial with no credit-card required, then head over to the "Settings" page to subscribe.

Basic Plus Pro
Number of URLs which can be monitored.
15 50 100
Team Members
Number of team members who can view and manage monitors, alerts, and status pages.
5 10 20
Alert Rules
Number of alert rules for triggering downtime or performance notifications.
5 10 30
Number of regions a single monitor will perform requests from.
15 15 15
Status Pages
Number of status pages you may create. Typically you'd have one per domain, such as status.apex.sh.
10/mo 30/mo 60/mo

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